Would you know what to do?

We believe that everyone should have a working knowledge of First Aid. What if someone you knew were to have an accident or suffer a medical emergency - could you help? Or if you saw an accident or medical emergency at work or on the road - would you know what to do?


We believe and value that...

•  Quality instruction and quality materials lead to quality results

•  Clear, concise materials are easily understood

•  Practical experience on mannikins makes YOU feel competent and confident

•  ‘Seeing, hearing and doing’ is the most effective way of learning

•  Learning First Aid should be a relaxed, enjoyable experience


Learn more about how MediTrain Nelson can help your family, community group or business...

MediTrain can help you to have the skills and confidence necessary to cope with medical emergencies.

Written tests are not necessary, learning
what to do is!

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