Meet Your Instructors

Brendon Turner

Brendon is a registered nurse with a background in Emergency and General Practice nursing. His career has also taken through Intensive Care units, Operating Theatres, Australian Outback Nursing, the New Zealand Blood Service, and Occupational Health Nursing


Brendon is passionate about preventative health and believes it far more important to help keep people fit and able than it is to catch them once they have fallen, but, if they do fall the harm can be greatly reduced if you are surrounded by people who know what to do. Good knowledge is fundamental to good health, good health is fundamental to a good life!


Carolyn Squance

Carolyn originally from Britain is now happily settled here in Nelson. As a Registered Nurse she has over 25 years of varied nursing experience in both community and hospital settings. She thoroughly enjoys teaching and having the opportunity to pass on first aid skills to people.


MediTrain Ltd

•  is registered as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) under the Education Act 1989

•  courses are recognised by OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) and the Ministry of Education

•  is able to provide and assess courses that meet NZQA Unit Standards


MediTrain Ltd has been providing quality First Aid courses to the community and businesses since 1991. Our training materials including manuals and DVDs are  specifically designed for New Zealand conditions and New Zealanders.


MediTrain Ltd offers a comprehensive range of courses - from Basic Life Support (CPR), to Childcare First Aid, Workplace First Aid to advanced training for Health Professionals and other groups so that they can provide advanced Pre-Hospital Emergency Care when required. Most MediTrain Ltd courses have NZQA credits attached to them.




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