Basic Life Support (CPR)

This certificated course concentrates on the life saving skills of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, which is rescue breathing together with chest (i.e. heart) compressions.


This is a practical course in which you will spend 75% of the time practicing the techniques for CPR and choking. This course should be refreshed within two years to ensure certificate holders update and refresh their knowledge and practical skills in all major areas.


Who should attend?

Persons over 16 years of age. Particularly people who work in life threatening environments, people working with electricity, life guards, swimming pool owners/attendants, caregivers responsible for those with a heart condition, parents of infants at risk.


Specific Topics include...

•  Barriers & Safety

•  Recognising respiratory and cardiac arrest

•  Rescue breathing

•  Choking manoeuvres

•  Signs and symptoms of a heart attack

•  Care of a heart attack

•  CPR – Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation


NZQA Credits

The Unit Standard associated with this course is:


Provide Resuscitation (Level 2)

Version 6, Level 1, Credits 1


If you would like this credit logged with NZQA,
please provide your NZQA number or NSN number
and your date of birth to your MediTrain Instructor.


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The Basic Life Support Course covers the most critical methods of
saving a life in
common situations

This course is practical; great for those in life threatening environments

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