MediTrain Ltd has developed workplace First Aid training specifically for secondary school students. The training is designed to provide students with relevant First Aid skills, be assessed against credits on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), suit students’ learning style and fit within school hours.


Each scheduled First Aid course can be attended by one school support person free of charge. This person can be a school employee (for example a teacher or an administrator) or any other person assigned by the school (for example a coach).


The training is delivered in an interactive way that engages students, builds up their confidence and assesses knowledge and competency through a combination of theory and practical scenarios. Our instructors believe that participation, not lecturing, leads to retention of knowledge and development of confidence in dealing with medical emergencies.


The training is recognised by the Ministry of Education and OSH and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). As such it provides skills that support the transition of students into further education, training or employment.


 At the completion of the training, each student will receive:

•  A certificate showing the course type and unit standards completed,

•  Relevant unit standards recorded on student’s NZQA Record of Learning, and

•  A practical First Aid Manual for future reference.


Specific Topics include...

(Topics will vary depending on which NZQA Units are studied)

•  Overview of regulations relating to accidents in the workplace

•  Approaching an Accident Scene

•  Barriers

•  Primary Assessment

•  Rescue Breathing - adult / child / infant

•  CPR - adult / child / infant

•  Choking - adult / child / infant – Conscious and Unconscious

•  External and Internal bleeding

•  Shock & Recovery Position

•  Heart Attack

•  Stroke

•  Illness Assessment

•  Seizures

•  Allergies

•  Asthma

•  Poisoning

•  Burns & Scalds

•  Fractures & dislocations

•  Soft Tissue Injuries – sprains & strains


NZQA Credits

The Unit Standards associated with this course are:


Manage First Aid in Emergency Situations

Version 4, Level 3, Credits 2



Provide First Aid

Version 4, Level 2, Credits 1



Provide Resuscitation (Level 2)

Version 6, Level 1, Credits





Provide First Aid for Life Threatening Conditions

Version 2, Level 2, Credits 1



Demonstrate Knowledge of Common First Aid Conditions
and How to Respond to them

Version 3, Level 2, Credits 1


If you would like these credits logged with NZQA,
please provide your NZQA number or NSN number
and your date of birth to your MediTrain Instructor.


Bookings and Pricing

For current pricing, scheduling and booking information

about MediTrain Ltd Courses, please contact us.


Our Instructors are able
to deal with all levels of participants, are sensitive
to cultural differences, and can adapt to different student learning styles

Our experienced, qualified and professional instructors
are relaxed
and friendly

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